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We envision a diverse and healthy world shaped and shared by all.
We believe economic well-being is directly linked to ecological and social well-being.
We design and implement solutions for sustainable progress.
Join us and celebrate the successes of 2015!

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From the Executive Director,
Madame JIN Jiaman

2015 flew by with streams of success and hard work as we achieved significant growth and impact.
Thank you for your support!

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Provided Thought Leadership and Training

We released two series of expert reports on China's investments in Africa and the Lower Mekong region, as well as other research.

Built China's Capacity for Enabling Development

We strengthened the models for sustainable aid and development in rural areas within China and overseas.

Improved Policies for Development and Sustainability

We expanded GEI's Community Conservation Concession Agreement (CCCA) and Low-Carbon Policy Making Toolkit throughout China.

Facilitated International and Domestic Stakeholder Cooperation

We facilitated cooperation between China-US for climate change, China-Myanmar for timber policy; we also worked with Chinese executives and NGOs to build their strategies for leadership and innovation.

GEI Staff

We are researchers and critical thinkers,
keen to make a difference.
2015 was a productive year of growth!

- 5 new creative, problem-solvers joined GEI
- We moved office to Beijing's Tayuan Diplomatic Compound
- Over 10 interns and volunteers aided our efforts

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Provided Thought Leadership and Training on Responsible Investment and Development

Improved action requires better education

GEI experts presented precise and relevant insight to officials and executives,
teaching them how to mitigate risk in every stage of policy and investment.
We also learned some new things along the way!

Here are our highlights:

200 Chinese Executives Trained in Corporate Responsibility

We produced research and manuals and held trainings to improve Chinese corporate capacity for mitigating risk and investing responsibly.

Organized an Official Trip to Study American Urbanization

GEI organized for a Chinese delegation to visit the USA to study the US system for local participation in urbanization; we gained some insight useful for China.

600+ Chinese Officials Trained to Make Better Low-Carbon Policies

Officials were trained on our Low-Carbon Development Toolkit so to create implementable policies that achieve carbon goals and meet economic targets.

Published 2 Report Series on Chinese Overseas Investment

The reports analyze Chinese investment in Africa (Congo DRC, Cameroon, Uganda & Mozambique) and the Lower Mekong (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos).

Empowered Community-Driven Development

Enduring change requires local understanding and participation

In 2015, we introduced several key tools to local communities that empower every person from the official decision maker to the middle school student, to improve his or her livelihood.

Here are our highlights:


New Rural Ecology Management Projects will triple individual income in one year

In the grasslands, craft workshops, viable and lucrative crops, and microcredit funds will support herders in new agricultural endeavors.


Clean Energy Technology and a Community Fund bring rural Myanmar new hope

The success in Thanbayarkhon (TBK) Village led the Chinese Government to donate 3.3million USD in-kind aid to Myanmar for future projects.


Herders learn grassland management to control sandstorms

Herders now manage a total 113 hectares in Inner Mongolia with a new control measures and grasses. Within 3 years, the land should be improved enough for livestock open grazing.


840.5 tons of carbon eliminated from schools and homes in rural China

Through generous donations and teaching villagers the benefits of clean cook stoves, China's Xiaoliandian Village is healthier and sets a precedent for more villages in rural areas.

Improved China's Policies for
sustainable and low-carbon development

The best policies are implementable, relevant, long-term and science-based.

One of the only things matching pace with China's development is our desire to anticipate new collaborations and our ability to tune our policy-making tools.

Here are our highlights:


Improved government subsidies to better support Herders

Feedback from 400 herders in Qinghai and Ningxia on our CCCA model and the awarded government subsidies helped us debut a new environmental - economic development model.


Developing Chinese Prototype Policy Insight (PI+) Model that can analyze all of China's province Low-Carbon Polices

The model incorporates research and pilots from each province so to produce both a macro- and a microeconomic analysis of low carbon policies.


Compared the American and Chinese National Parks Systems

Concerned about just adapting a foreign ecological management model to China, GEI conducted in-depth research on the American National Parks, comparing findings with China's ecologicial system.


Advocated for land economic policies considerate of farmers' lifestyle

Sanjiangyuan farmers' lifestyle, which is poor, lacks agricultural diversification and environmental knowledge, requires strengthened infrastructure and appropriate government support.

Facilitated Cooperation between China's
government, NGO, corporate and local stakeholders

Success is rarely achieved alone; growth is only as stable as one's foundation

In 2015, GEI brought key stakeholders from different places, roles and lifestyles
together to share experiences and carve better solutions for the future.

Here are our highlights:


China-Myanmar illegal timber trade curtailed with new cooperation

GEI pioneered several critical cooperatives between China and Myanmar to open discussions and create mutual trust - in the end, the illegal timber trade is finally decreasing.


Facilitated Multiple National and International Climate Change Cooperations

We faciliated climate change cooperation between China and the United States, India and Myanmar and participated in the cooperation between Chinese climate-change focused NGOs.


Officials and journalists gained insight into China-Africa investment

An innovative governance learning platform, a journalist exchange and new research on timber customs data, can lead to sustainable China-African cooperation.


Herders discussed ecological protection with officials and researchers

Candid insight from herders and the academic perspective of industry experts strengthened our Economic-Ecological Model and led to new strategies for environmental protection.

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As we grow and innovate, maintaining relationships with stakeholders is a top priority.

Here is some highlight feedback from stakeholders in 2015:

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